Last update: 2010-04-01

Using JMDB

What you need

How to install

Installing JMDB is not as difficult as it may sound. Simply follow this steps to install it:

Details on how to install JMDB can be found in the original JMDB readme file.

How to use

See the original Help file for a description, look at the additional screenshots or try the following JMDB Flash demos.

Flash Demos

The following Flash demos will introduce you to various aspects of the Java Movie Database usage, but not everything possible can be covered here! Currently the following aspects are covered:

Demo 1 - Configuration and Import

Demo 2 - Search (Part 1)

Demo 3 - Search (Part 2)

Demo 4 - Look'n'Feel GUI


If we get some feedback it's possible that we add more demos!

Some legal notice

All data about persons and movies shown in the Flash demos is from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and only used for the application demonstration!


We need help!

We're looking for volunteers creating new language files.

If you want to help, contact us!

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