Last update: 2004-12-31



The work on JMDB v1.4 has been resumed. Nice to hear isn't it. :D
As you can see the new page layout has also been completed (more or less) and some details have been updated.
I wanted the new layout for the Warpstock events, so the layout has been finished earlier than the new JMDB release.
By the way this time I'm attending Warpstock Europe in Arnhem. If someone searches me I (J. Ulbts) should be there only on Saturday!


INFORMATION-UPDATE: The work on JMDB v1.4 is currently on hold because of heavy workload (about 40% of the code to access the database has been restructured to allow easy integration of other database systems - import for MySQL and PostgreSQL currently 80% done).
Support for MySQL v3.23.28/v4.0.x and PostgreSQL v7.3x (maybe even v7.1x - any beta tester out there) will be included in the next release.
The integration of an FTP-Client to download the latest IMDb files is also planned but may be pushed back to release 1.5!
I'm currently trying to use this project as an individual software project at the university so I can spend more time on it and also to get something in return. The changes for v1.3 were and v1.4 are huge and coding the whole day for free doesn't help the studies. :-|
After 3 years a new webpage design is also in the works (more CSS usage,...). I hope to bring it online with the next release. Because the software is more important the website will follow the release.
Thank you, that's all for now. Questions and comments are welcome!
Juergen Ulbts


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