Last update: 2008-12-24



Merry X-Mas!
There has been some progress with the JMDB development. Right now the application is not yet again in a working condition because I've been changing some of the core elements (database access), which are not fully completed yet. The new core will use connection pools on the query side and internally it will be easier to add other databases. Adding other databases has been addressed in the past but as more and more file-based databases are available I had to change some of the internal behaviour to support those as well.

One example: So far JMDB tries to connect to the master database and if that works it creates the database for the JMDB data on it's own. The file-based databases automatically create a database if it's not yet there, so I don't have to access the master database and I also don't have to create the database for the JMDB data.


Completed my diploma!

Today I completed the last step of my final year project to get my diploma. I had to give a lecture on my diploma thesis in front of professors and students of the computer science department. Everything went well and I was able to answer all questions about my work. At the end I was even asked by my professor if I want to get with him to Kiel (very north end of germany) to get a PHD in computer science. Right now I want to get back to more practical work, so I declined the offer. I should get the results and my diploma in September, but it's already clear that I passed.

To extend my knowledge I'm going to work on J2EE projects and I'll also pick up the dropped JMDB development. As I did work with HSQLDB in my diploma thesis I'm going to add that database support as well to the next JMDB version beside some other improvements. A sideeffect will be that I'm not able to release a new JMDB version this year.

Unfortunately I also didn't get information on the planned italian translation since December 2007 but maybe another person is going to pick that up.


Happy new year!

It also looks I'll get a language update shortly, as another person jumped in to translate the application to italian. When this is ready I might create a new full package which includes the language update and maybe some other small changes.
There will be definitely a new JMDB version in about 6-7 month from now on with some more enhancements. Some work has already been done but I have to focus on my final thesis at the university which I have to finish in June 2008 (the written part). Then a lecture of my diploma thesis will follow in July.


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