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Merry X-Mas!
It was planned to release the first public beta release of JMDB v1.35 today, but I was unfortunately able to break something with the latest changes. :-(
The PostgreSQL support has been finalized (index creation and transaction support on all tables completed). The query execution could be a little bit faster but it's working. I know on which class I broke something (it's the thread that's executing the import) but I wasn't able to fix it yet. The beta will be released immediately after I've fixed the broken class which will be after the holidays.


I want to inform again about the latest updates...


The Warpstock Europe event (for eComStation and OS/2 user) is just over and I've got some updates.
First I would like to thank all JMDB users I was able to talk to at Warpstock Europe. I got some suggestions for new features that will be added to my todo list for the next Java Movie Database releases.


The latest progress/changes:


The latest progress/changes:


I've finished the refactoring work except tweaking the PostgeSQL support (extending VARCHAR field and performance tuning).
A new testversion should be available in November.

I've also set up a PayPal account and will add a donation page for this project soon.

When I did a test import with the latest codechanges applied and used the latest IMDb list files form 2005-10-28, I noticed that the IMDb will hit 1 Mio. Actors+Actresses most likely with the next list file update.
Currently there are (List files from 2005-10-28):


After several month without progress I've (again) started to work on the new JMDB release. There are still problems with the speed to import actors and actresses into PostgreSQL but I hope get it working soon.


Happy birthday IMDb. IMDb is now 15 years old.


Ok, I finished the REFRESH of JMDB v1.30! To download this release please select Download at the menu.


The download is currently not possible!!! I'll fix that shortly (should be up again on Wednesday - I hope), so stay tuned.
I'll also update the JMDB release v1.30 with the latest JDBC drivers and the add the new language files (Spanish and Swedish). This is only a rerelease of JMDB v1.30 and not the release I'm currently working on.
I'm again very busy at the moment (exams at the university and work on two projectgroups), so there is more or less no progress until August.


I released a new alpha version with some small bugfixes today and changed the header logo of the website!
After shipping the new alpha version to some tester I received the Swedish translation (many thanks to Olof Hjalmarsson) of the Java Movie Database and the updated Spanish translation (many thanks to Sergi Tur Badenas at Acacha-Movies). On the swedish translation I need to fix the keyboard shortcuts.
The next alpha or beta version will then have the German, English, Spanish and Swedish language support.
We still want to support more languages...
Time to translate the complete application: 1.5 to 2 hours


I want to inform you once again about the JMDB v1.35 progress!
JMDB v1.35 is currently in late ALPHA stadium...

I'll keep you informed about the development progress.


There have been some reports we got over some corners regarding MySQL 4.1.x and problems with the Connector/J JDBC driver and the JMDB release 1.3!
Please send us a message to email address on this page if you have trouble with JMDB.
It's possible that you can't use the v1.3 release (I've not tested it myself) out of the box with the newer MySQL releases. Here is a list of steps (FAQ has also been updated):

Please do not use the development versions of the Connector/J as those don't seem to work.


FAQ updates for Connector/J upgrade and MySQL connection problems because of username and password.


The latest news is that PostgreSQL 8 (tested: Windows and eComstation aka OS/2) also works so far but the PostgreSQL support is not yet ready. The JDBC driver of PG 8 lacks some needed functions (don't ask me why) but the PG 7.4 JDBC driver works fine.
Sorry, I currently can't say when I'm ready to release the version but I'm thinking about a JMDB v1.35 release. This would only include small extensions beside the PostgreSQL/MySQL 4.x support.


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